5 on Friday

(No, not “5 on it” or a $5 foot-long, just 5 things) Today, I am going to share 5 facts about me to let my fellow bloggers know me a little better. My bloggy buddy, Brittany , did this previously as well. I am going to start “5 on Friday” and today I will begin with sharing 5 about me. Here goes…
1)       I lived in Saudi Arabia for 2 1/2 years of my childhood. Weird right? My father got a job oversees and my family moved there when I was 3. It sounds crazy and fabricated now that I’m an adult but it’s true. It was a great time in my life though. My family and I got to see and do amazing things. My sisters rode a camel; I got spit on by one. We lived on an international compound and our neighbors were everything from English to Dutch to Turkish. 
2)      I have been to 4 continents. (Other than North America) I don’t say this to brag, just to share. I have had the privilege of visiting South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. After we lived overseas, my family took an extended vacation and went to multiple countries. We went everywhere from Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Greece, France, Thailand… I really wish I had been a little older so I could really remember it all and take it all in better. In 2004, my sister and I went to visit my other sister in Ecuador. That was interesting. Definitely more of a field trip rather than a vacation. Beautiful place though.  I feel that having seen so many different places and cultures at such a young age that it made me a very open-minded person and worldly. It also prompted my passion for travel. My dream job would be to travel and write about it. Know anyone who’s hiring???
3)          I can eat poppy and ice cream till I burst. I’m not sure how it started by my love for popcorn and ice cream only gets worse as I get older. There’s just something about poppy, as I like to call it, which is very comforting to me. Having that warm bowl of crunchy pieces pop into my mouth one by one can make any movie or TV show worth watching. I don’t like the buttery stuff though. I started making my own poppy stove top style so I can control the amount of salt and/or butter added, along with the serving size. This always keeps the microwave radiation away. And ice cream, who doesn’t love it?  Well, oddly enough my sister actually doesn’t like it… Lately it’s been frozen yogurt but either one are DEE-LISH! I hate chocolate ice cream though. I prefer strawberry cheesecake, mint chocolate chip, or rainbow sherbet. Yum!
4)        I love Aladdin. Yes, Prince Ali, marvelous he, Ali Ababwah. I absolutely love the Disney movie Aladdin. I could watch it any time or place. I used to have a lot of Barbie’s and usually instead of Ken my Barbie would be dating Aladdin. He had better hair and abs anyway. I know every word to every song. Oddly enough though, I have wanted to be Jasmine for every Halloween but never have. I think I have just always been too self-conscious to wear her real outfit. Maybe next year… The Lion King is #2 on my Disney list.
5)       I have a mild case of OCD. I am a deep believer that everything as a place. Whether it’s a toothbrush or a pen, socks or condiments, there’s a particular place for it. I can’t stand when things are just left out lying around or if something is put on the first shelf in the fridge. Although you wouldn’t know that from looking at my house right now, but it truly drives me insane. I drill it into my bf’s head daily (he would call this nagging) to put *fill in the blank* back where it belongs. It really is not that difficult.
Well bloggies, that’s my 5 for this Friday. I hope I didn’t bore anyone with it.
What are some interesting facts about you? Any suggestions about next Friday’s 5?


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