Guitless dessert... Opa!

Remember when you were a kid on a hot summer day and nothing was more satisfying than an ice cold Popsicle? Unfortunately, as adults those summer days are a bit different now seeing as though we don't get to spend every day running through the sprinklers and up and down the slip-n-slide. Nor do we have that speedy metabolism to be able to eat all of those delicious popsicles (not most of us at least). But good news people!

As much as I try to save the desserts and goodies for the weekend, sometimes you just need that something after dinner to feel satisfied. Drum roll please.... Yasso frozen Greek Yogurt bars!! Love. Love. Love.

These have become my newest and most favorite after dinner treat. I've attempted to make my own frozen Greek yogurt but it was a complete bust. These yummy bars have only 70 calories and have 6 grams of protein plus they are fat-free and gluten-free.



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