Viva Italia!

It was one year ago today I arrived in the magnificent city of Rome for a 10 day journey throughout Italy. My parents and I took the long and much anticipated flight from New York to Rome to being our Italian expedition. We started in Rome not missing a single museum or monument. There was an overwhelming feeling of contentment right from the start. Wanting to jump right in, we sat street side at a café in the center of Piazza Navone while enjoying cold glasses of Peroni and snacking on some breadsticks. This is the life.

It is obvious how much Italians enjoy each and every day. The vibe is so relaxed and stress-free. People are on their cell phones laughing rather than yelling or fighting. No one is in a rush either. Meals are enjoyed bite by bite and stories shared while taking the time not to miss a beat. Couples are strolling along hand in hand of all ages. Kids are running and playing without a worry in the world.

The first night while lying in my hotel bed, there was sounds of drunken Italian men singing in harmony together as they made their way down the cobblestone streets. I already felt at home.

We spent 4 days in Rome absorbing as much culture and history as we could, and drinking as much wine on the way as well.

From there we went Sorrento, Capri, Venice, Florence, and Angera where my mother’s side of the family originates. Each place was a world of its own. Venice was magnificent, Sorrento had beautiful vistas and Angera had wistfulness.

Gelato to gnocchi, the food was amazing from street cars to sidewalk restaurants. It was by far my favorite vacation yet and I can’t wait to go back.


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