The big 2-6

Not to be totally cheesy but I have to say, Happy birthday to me! I am 26 today. I really think I should be 25 for another year so I might stick with telling people that who don't know. What difference does it really make, right?

I am determined to have a great year  this year. I started it off waking up with the sun then going for a nice run. I feel good. My dad even made me cupcakes. (He's never made them before and probably never will with all the work that goes into them.)  I was very proud of him. Although I'm at work today, all the birthday wishes make it an okay place to be. Tonight, will be shared with friends at dinner (and lots of wine).

I didn't ask for much this year, but there are a couple things on my wish list.

I really want this rose gold watch from Michael Kors

And a new camera, the Canon Powershot
But I really am just excited for an awesome year! 


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