5 on Friday: Yo mama!

No ‘yo mama’ jokes here just 5 great gift ideas of what to get your mom or any mom this Mother’s Day. I got my mom a Yankee candle set along with an herb planter. The lavender scented candles are her favorite and she always loves planting her own herbs and flowers.

1)      For the reader: You can’t go wrong with a Kindle for the mom that loves to read. Or a Nook if she prefers one in color. She can take this with her anywhere and any place.  

2)      For the techy: If you know a mom with an Ipad, laptop, e-reader, or any other type of electronic devise, even a camera, then she definitely needs a Built accessory to protect it. I have one for my mini laptop and absolutely love it. They even have cute travel cases now for cables, cords, etc. The material is made out of wetsuit material making it ultra-durable.

3)      For the jewelry fan: I love these Pandora charm bracelets. You can have as many charms on it as you choose and individually pick each one.  Other stores, such as Macy’s, are selling them too since they are such a popular piece.

4)      For the spa queen: What mom doesn’t love and deserve to be pampered? With a gift certificate to Spa Finder you can get mom an amazing gift for her to feel like a queen.

5)      For the giver on a budget: You don’t have to go completely out of your way and spend lots of money on mom. There are millions of awesome ideas that won’t cost you a lot of time searching for or money. Make mom some delicious cupcakes, take her on a picnic, and make her dinner, even just taking her out to lunch for the day would make her happy.

Most importantly, make mom feel special and show her how appreciated she is. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

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Happy Friday!


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