5 on Friday: Weekend Excitement!!

(Yes, I know it's Thursday but I have to do it early this week since I'll be on the road all day tomorrow). It has been a very busy week for me, no time to even read other blogs. That makes me a tad bit upset. But, I have been busy for a good reason. Today’s five are the 5 things I’m super excited about for this weekend:

1) No work tomorrow. Although I really don’t mind working your standard 40 hour week, working only 4 days makes a huge difference. It makes the week fly by and gives you more to look forward to. Plus, in that one extra day, you can get a lot more done during business hours.

2) Road Trip! My bf, Lola, and I will be road-tripping it 12 hours to The Bluegrass State (Kentucky that is). As much as I love road trips though, sitting in a car for 12 hours might drive me crazy. I’m excited to see the scenery and maybe stop at some interesting restaurants on the way.

3) Hangin’ out with my BFF. We are going to visit my BFF/sister from another mister and her hubby. The trip is long past due that’s for sure. I have spent the week scrambling around for last minute items and can’t wait to laugh like old times. There’s one thing my BFF, Danielle, and I have is LOTS and LOTS of ridiculously fun/insane memories. I can’t wait to make more this weekend.

4) Going to the Derby. I’ve been to horse races before but not as glamorous as the ones in KY. It’s going to be fun and exciting to get dressed up and see everyone in their big fancy hats. Most importantly, the horse I pick better win.

5) My ANFI week off. What the hell is ANFI you ask? Associate in National Flood Insurance. That’s what I get to put next to my name at work now. After months and months of studying and two 2-hour tests, I passed and am now an ANFI. I get a week off and am using it next week. It will be soooo nice to get stuff done around the house, catch up on sleep, and just relax.

What’s your weekend plans? Anything you’re excited about for the next week?

Have a great weekend!!!


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