April b****slap

Did anyone else get slapped in the face this morning by April? I know I did. Wasn’t yesterday just March 1st? Man, time flies. I’m excited for April though. I am going to visit my BFF next week in Kentucky and then my pregnant sister will be here to visit me. Pregnant with twins too I must add. Yippee! And don’t forget Easter. As a kid I loved Easter. My mom (I mean the Easter Bunny of course) gave us the best baskets filled with lots of candy and toys. I really hope I get one this year filled with money…ha.
But for today, as you all know, being April 1st also means its April Fool’s Day! Watch out. I haven’t come up with any good pranks yet, any suggestions? Have you fooled anyone yet? I just hope I don’t get fooled.

Happy Friday!


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