Early bird gets the worm.

It's true. I think if I really were an early bird then I would get the worm. Mmm, protein. My recent goal has been to be more of an morning person. Hitting snooze 13 times for an hour is only making it worse. Think about it; that hour you are wasting hitting snooze, you could be sleeping soundly or up and being productive. I love sleep as much as the next guy and it is without a doubt vital for your body, mind, and spirit, but going to bed a little earlier and getting up even earlier would really be a major advantage.

I just bought this fancy new alarm clock from Brookstone to help get me up. (Not the most attractive accessory and a little pricey). Waking up to a dark room and my cozied up little puppy is a recipe for disaster. There's no hope that way. So, with the help of my new alarm clock, I am going to be waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed. (I say I am going to because I'm determined to make it happen). My main goal is to get my workouts done in the am, that way, I can even do some two-a-days. Summer is knocking at my front door right now and I am not ready to answer yet.

Are you a morning person or night owl? What are your morning get-me-ups?


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