Super Bowl Snack-down

Having a Super Bowl party? A Super Bowl party wouldn't be complete without the right food and drinks. The tough part for me though is trying to enjoy the game without completely destroying all my hard work put in at the gym that week. Or without having to do overtime in the gym the week after. My faves include chips and 7 layer dip. Yummy! And washed down with a nice cold brewsky of course.  
If you're hosting a party, finger foods are always the most convenient and easiest choice, especially if you have a large group. The less dishes to wash the better. Cupcakes and cookies are excellent choices for dessert as well. Get creative.

You have to have your wings, pigs in a blanket, chili, and dip. Check out these yummy (and skinny) recipes:

Lean and Luscious 7 Layer Dip

Lean Joe Greene Turkey chili

And don't forget about the extra fun. Besides the big game, guests need to stay entertained. To keep your party going throughout prep for some Super Bowl games.

Have fun. Go team go!


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