Music and love in the air

I haven't had much time to put into my blogs this week but I just have to say I am excited for the weekend. I am kick starting my Vday plans tonight since we're celebrating it tomorrow. (Unfortunately, I will be at work all day then school all night on Monday. Lame.) But tonight requires a good night's sleep as I've been slackin' on my beauty rest. I cannot wait to just sleep in tomorrow morning as long as I want to. It's much needed.

I've given my bf all the necessary hints for tomorrow and I already got my dress ready for dinner at Jackson's. (The cuisine better be delish.) Tonight will be a movie night requiring a rom-com, possibly Valentine's Day, Going the Distance, or whatever new release might better catch my attention. Any recommendations?

Sunday will be reserved for homework and the Grammy's. Can't wait to see the perfomances and of course the outifits. My vote for artist of the year is a toss up between Mumford & Sons and Florence and the Machine. I'm currently obsessed with both of them. Love, love, love.

Hope every one has a great weekend and spends it with loved ones. Happy Friday!

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