I'm a junkie...

That’s right, I’ll admit it. I am a reality TV junkie. It’s a very obnoxious addiction, I’m aware. But like a car accident, it’s almost impossible to look away. Everything from Jersey Shore to Real Housewives to Swamp People, I watch them all. Why, I don’t even know. There are far better shows on TV I could be watching and actually benefiting from. But the majority of the reality TV shows, do benefit me by making me realize how lucky I am to NOT be on any of them… 16 and Pregnant for example.

Did you watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night? I find Lisa Vanderpump to be hilarious. I’d love to have high tea with her. There’s never a dull moment with her and her quick wit. Maybe she and Cedric should have a spin off, oh and Jiggy too. Kim is far too needy and codependent makes me feel sorry for her sometimes. As for Camille, oh Camille, poor little rich housewife Camille… where to even start with her. I do feel bad for what Madame Kelsie Grammar did to her but maybe she shouldn’t be kissing another woman’s husband on the lips. I’d up and leave the Looney tune too.

And now that Jersey Shore is actually back to Jersey Shore, it’s a whole ‘nother season of hair gel, fake tans, and venereal diseases. Not sure why Sammie “Stank-Face” is there since she repeatedly states that she does not want to hangout or have fun with anyone other than Ronnie. (Good pick, he seems like a real winner too.) She always has this stank look on her face like she’s smelling a big pile of s**t. Maybe it’s because she’s always up Ronnie’s ass.

Jennie (J-Wow) scares the crap out of me. She walks in like Andre the Giant getting ready to lay someone out. She probably really can and has ripped a guy’s head off after sex. Yikes.

Pauly, despite his shellacked blow-out, is my fave. He is actually funny and seems sane, somewhat considering he lives in a mad house and by choice. Sanity doesn’t seem to apply to the rest of them, especially Mike “The Situation”. Now that he’s pulling in $10 million a year, I could bet that much money that the only way he is “hooking up” with any broads is because of the dollar bills. But, I’m sure he believes it to be because of his dapperness and charm. Sure buddy, sure it is.

Regardless of my reality TV rant, it’s great entertainment. Can’t wait to see what drama and debauchery happen next week. Stay tuned…


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