Off the Map- On or off the air?

Did you tune in to watch ABC’s new show, “Off the Map” last night? It was a little better than I expected. The string ray in the foot was pretty disgusting though. I’m not sure why ABC seems to favor doctor shows and why they keep creating more as if there are not enough of them. The show is basically Grey’s Anatomy meets MASH with a dash of a language barrier topped with far better scenic backgrounds.

There’s your typical blue-eyed McDreamy head doctor who you catch giving promising glimpses to the doe-eyed newbie; the fiery Latina with the “authentic” Spanish accent; the haughty second head doctor whom makes it clear the newbies have to prove themselves to be worthy in his eyes; the funny, more immature yet cute new guy, and the guarded, standoffish yet vulnerable blond (Played by Myrel Streeps daught, Mamie Gummer. Really, Mamie? Is that short for something? As if Gummer isn't bad enough.) Oh, still not sure which role the red head has yet.

Hmm… I’m a little skeptical, but so far so good. What do you think- should “Off the Map” be off the air?

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