5 on Friday: Royalty

I was torn today for what this “5 on Friday” should be, but after watching the Royal Wedding, I feel it’s only appropriate to honor it. Today will be the top 5 things I loved about the wedding.

1)      Kate. How beautiful and classy did she look? Although I’ve heard around the water cooler from some that they weren’t impressed with her gown, I on the other hand, thought it was gorgeous. Very sophisticated. She has strict guidelines to follow so for the occasion, I was impressed. And, I must say, I love that she’s a brunette.
2)      Hats. Some of the women’s hats were so pretty, others so annoying to even look at. I feel like some of the hats aren’t even hats, more like head garnishes. Did you see Beatrice’s?
3)      Royalty. Here in America the closest we have to royalty is Obama and Michelle, to say the least. Or Brad and Angelina. Real royalty continues to amaze though. As modern as our world is now, royalty remains traditional in their ways and values. Very respectable.
4)      The wedding party. Who agrees that Pippa and Harry should be the next to hook up? Pippa is gorgeous and looked great as Kate’s Maid of Honor. And Harry, in my opinion, is the cuter one. Hmm… maybe something will happen at the after party.
5)      England. I went to England when I was just a little girl and remember standing in front of the palace with my sisters staring through the gate in awe. At such a young age, I wasn’t able to grasp the significance of it but now knowing that I was right there is pretty awesome. I still think of England as being somewhat of a magical place with so much history to it. I can’t wait to go back and visit again.

Watching the royal wedding kind of got me in the wedding spirit. I have to be honest I started my morning doing a little online window shopping for rings and dresses. I should probably get engaged first though. Nothing wrong with a little bit of day dreaming about your wedding, every girl does it. Happy Friday to all!


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