March Madness!

No, I'm not referring to basketball. I'm talking about my life right now. I haven't even has a minute to blog, not that anyone is reading this since my posts are "posting" in my followers' readers. WTF!? Just add that to my list. I don't want to waste the free second I have right now ranting, I just need to vent for a free seconds to catch my breath. I know my problems seem so minor right now, especially compared to so many others how really are suffering. But the problems I have are my problems; the things I have to deal with. Between school, work, and life, I just can't get caught up. So frustrating. The first thing I'm going to do after this term and when all my tests are passed is get a nice long massage. I'm exhausted and my brain literally aches.
Ah! Tonight requires a couple cocktails and a movie. Personal time is a must in order to stay sane. Any way, I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and finds time for themselves. Happy Friday!


Home Is Where the Hart Is March 15, 2011 at 8:58 AM  

Ummmm.....yea. I know this feeling. And even though my problems are mini compared to the troubles of others I know, they are still my problems and still frustrating and annoying. So I know you're feeling. The good news? Your posts are finally showing up in my reader again. :) WAHOO!

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