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Happy Easter!

When I was younger, Easter was my favorite holiday. My mom got us the best baskets filled with candy, toys, and all kinds of goodies. We would put on our Sunday dresses and looked our best. Our Easter Sunday started with Church.  The next best part was brunch. We traditionally went to The Red Lion hotel for a huge buffet brunch. I always loaded up my plate with Belgium waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Yum!
Then we would come home to abundantly filled baskets and run around the yard and house hunting for Easter eggs. They would be filled with anything from pennies to dollars to jelly beans. I never really believed in the Easter bunny but my mom definitely made a great effort trying to make me and my sisters believe in him.

It’s times like these I especially miss my childhood. This year will be a little bit similar but not quite. Church in the morning then we’ll probably just make a nice brunch. I always really want to go to "Hop". Have you seen it? And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll even get a nice basket.

What are your fondest Easter memories and traditions? Any plans?


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