Spring has sprung!

Apparently I missed the actual day spring sprung, but better late than never. I really enjoy spring.  Although spring seems to hate me as it tortures me annually with its abundance of pollen and endless other allergies, but it sure is pretty. The colors start to shine through as the snow melts away. The flowers bloom and the bees buzz. And that also means summer is right around the corner. There are such fun happenings during spring- Easter, Mother’s day, Memorial Day- all fun festivities.
As I sadly part ways with my winter boots, I am just as excited for cute sandals and pretty toes. I kicked off my colorful polish season with an Easter pastel, Gum Drop, on my toes last night. I love this polish and can’t wait to paint my finger nails too because it’s scented. (Warning: Do not use if you are a constant nail biter. You may chew off fingers.) I also have the Orange Pop. They are D-Lish. I added a cute purple flower gem too for a better hint of spring. (Sorry for the ugly toe shot, I hate all feet but just wanted you to get the full picture).

I can’t wait to get cute sandals to slip my feet into and let me toes feel the warmth of the sun. I haven't been shopping yet but I have gotten a sneak peak online and lots of ideas such as these esperdrilles from Aldo and Nordstom:


Home Is Where the Hart Is April 1, 2011 at 9:16 AM  

I need a mani and pedi in a bad, bad way. I haven't one in months. In fact, (because of new sucky budget) I think this is the longest I've gone in over 10 years without having one. Sheesh. It super stinks. Love those red espadrilles. They remind me of the cute red ones Kate Spade has on the Nordstom site right now. I've been wanting them. I still have a Nordy giftcard I got for Christmas and I was thinking about either the red KS espy's or some nude KS heels (the one with the built in platform). Love KS shoes. They are beyond comfortable for heels.

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