2011- Get off your a**

As February quickly approaches and 2010 becomes even more of the past, I’ve realized that (1) I’m broke and (2) I’m a little out of shape since the holidays. I feel like I am still trying to come up with a game plan, or better yet a life plan, for 2011. I don’t want to think about a resolution, I want to MAKE changes- positive changes. 2010 seemed like it was going to be such a magical year. Two thousand and ten… still sounds important. But personally, not so much. I’m not saying it was a bad year but that “magical thing” I was hoping for didn’t happen. I did have some amazing and unforgettable experiences such as my trip to Italy, new car, new nephew. All treasured events that I would not have changed for anything.

I have a good feeling about 2011 though. I am confident about what I want and have the ambition to get it and make it happen. Each year I get older I realize how complicated life really is. But I also have learned that even though it is complicated, you can’t let it get the best of you. You have to get the best out of life (too cheesy? Sorry…). That’s my plan for 2011. Starting with health and wealth. I know what I have to do in the health department, that part’s easy. The motivation is the hardest part, however. Sometimes you really do have to kick yourself in the ass, don’t sugar coat it and just be honest with yourself. I'm going to start by looking in the mirror and telling myself, "Hey, you're broke and get your ass to the gym." 

In the wealth department, that’s the trouble zone. I am usually very responsible and diligent with how and where I spend my money. I can also be very careless, $100 here, $50 there. Before I know it, I’m broke. And that’s a shitty feeling. I am setting limits for myself. First thing, I'm going to start adding little by little to my savings account, maybe $20 each week. That will hopefully add up to an extra $100 bucks a month. Math may not be my forte but if I keep it up, that's an extra 1200 greenbacks a year. Not a bad chunk of change.

I’ve also taken part in major discount and coupon deals like Groupon even the Entertainment Book has some good deals. Every penny counts. Saving really sounds like a mission impossible but by making little changes here and there it can be a success. I am determined to save and keep saving. It is all about self-discipline. You have to be able to spoil yourself every so often without having regret or be unable to eat that week.

What are your health and wealth strategies? How do you save money? Any advice?


Home Is Where the Hart Is January 27, 2011 at 9:13 PM  

So, first...you look AMAZING! You're too hard on yourself.
Second, I hear you on the savings thing. We recently started a 14 week Dave Ramsey course. It's $100 and we've only had 2 lessons so far but we've learned a lot. It teaches you how to prioritize, how to save, how to make a budget and stick to it and get/stay out of debt. I'll keep you posted on our progress. I've also been hitting the gym again - it totally sucks but I look so nasty right now I'm embarrassed about it.

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