Dogs are better than boyfriends

This I believe, dogs are better than boyfriends. Granted, they may not be able to buy that diamond necklace or take me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant or that "other stuff" boyfriends do, but other than that they top the list. Both dogs and boyfriends require a lot of attention. With dogs, however, all I have to do is throw a toy and wait for them to bring it back. After awhile, the dog will tire or find the need to totally destroy that toy which eliminates me from having to play with them any longer. A dog wants me to stroke their belly or back; a boyfriend wants me to stroke his ego. Dogs seem to have no sense of time either. They are ecstatic to see me every time I walk through the door. Every time I leave the house, even if just for a minute or two, my little Chihuahua, Lola, acts as though she has not seen me in days. She runs to the door, wags her tail and jumps up and all around me. I still may not get that warm of a welcome even if I really have not seen my boyfriend for days.
My dog will never hold a grudge against me or stay mad at me for longer than a second. I can yell at her for chewing on my favorite pair of shoes, and then five minutes later she will have her head in my lap. A boyfriend may choose to give me the silent treatment for a week, and expect an apology even though being the girlfriend I am more than likely right.
If I am having a bad day, Lola will lay down staring at me listening to every word I say without interrupting. A boyfriend will sit there looking as though he is listening, but when asked for his opinion or advice all that is returned is a blank and confused stare followed by a few “ums”.
There is no arguing over the remote or what to watch on TV with a dog. My dog will happily sit next to me even while watching a tear-jerking Lifetime movie. I can listen to whatever I want in the car. All a dog cares about is that the window is rolled down enough for them to hang out from. My dog will cuddle up to me in bed at night without stealing all the covers. She will even kiss me while having deadly morning breath. Dogs do not leave the toilet seat up or fail to change the toilet paper roll. I would much rather pick up a mess every so often from Lola instead of the daily laundry and dishes left in the sink by my boyfriend. A dog’s love is unconditional. They will never break my heart or cheat on me. They will never even argue with me. The only war between me and my dog is tug-of-war. This I believe, dogs are better than boyfriends.


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