Oh, October...

Welcome back October. It feels like it hasn't been that long since we last saw each other. I have to say though, I really missed you. I hope that this year you are even colder than last. Living in Florida, it's almost as if fall really doesn't exist. The Floridians here really need to get to know you better, in my opinion. Maybe bring them some cool crisp air a lot sooner, and take your time hanging around. November is good too, but I like to spend as much time with you as possible. I'm ready for you and am welcoming you with open arms. My new boots are just sitting in my closet waiting to be worn.

Plus, Halloween doesn't have the same effect when you're sweating from the wet, sticky humidity. I'd rather be sweating from the thick and itchy overpriced polyester costume I wear while dancing around in an overcrowded club or at a party having alcohol spilt all over me. Plus, after that, it kind of helps to sober people up a little when they walk outside and slapped in the face with cold. It's also a little entertaining to watch people that are half naked try to look all hot and sexy while shivering like they were having a seizure. Apparently for some, Halloween is a right of way to wear as little clothing as possible. I'm not gonna lie though, I've been guilty of that myself.  To each their own.

So take your time, October. We hate to see you come and go so quickly.


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