Happy meal not so happy...:(

To most kids a McDonald's Happy Meal is a real treat, even to some adults. A fun and delicious meal for cheap that even comes with a toy. Sounds great, right? Wrong! I have sworn out fast food, unless it's the one and only convenient stop while on a road trip or long drive and starvation starts to set in. Reading the story below only makes me prouder in that decision. This confirms that this kind of 'food' is hardly even real food. It may taste yummy but that's from all the chemicals and preservatives pumped into it. Hence, the absence of decomposition.

I know those golden arches are hard to resist, but after reading this, you might change your mind. The meal is this story has sat our for 6 months and still looks like it was just grabbed straight from the drive-thru. There's not even a speck of mold on the bun. If it's true when they say that "You are what you eat", what would this be considered?



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